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Edit:Yuyao Longguo Extrusion Factory   UpDate:2017-03-21
Abroad, ABS plastic elbow has been the mainstream of the choice of pipe species. Loved by consumers. In 1960, the United States FHA approved ABS pipe can be used for drainage, waste water, ventilation, because it has outstanding high strength, low cost performance characteristics, is widely used. So why is ABS plastic elbow so popular?

1, easy to install. You can use glue glue ABS plastic elbow, easy to operate, fast.

2, light weight. The weight of the plastic elbow is only 10% of the flexible cast iron, 80% of the UPVC.

3, high impact resistance. ABS plastic elbow high impact resistance is UPVC more than 3-4 times, the expansion coefficient of 10.1X10-5m / m. ° C.

4, low temperature resistance. ABS plastic elbow can withstand -40 ° C low temperature, not brittle, wide range of applications, and UPVC encountered low temperature will be brittle.

5, high temperature resistance. Plastic elbow can withstand +80 ° C high temperature.

6, chemical resistance. ABS plastic elbow has excellent chemical resistance.

7, anti-aging. Plastic elbow to add antioxidants, gray color has a better anti-ultraviolet performance.

8, environmental protection. Plastic pipe green, the production process without any pollution, the product can be recycled.

Yuyao Longguan Extrusion Factory Mainly produces PP pipe, ABS plastic pipe, PVC hose, heterosexual tube, PE pipe, plastic wire and all kinds of heterosexual strip, complete product specifications, according to customer Requirements custom length, please contact us, I will be happy to serve you.