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Edit:Yuyao Longguo Extrusion Factory   UpDate:2017-05-03
<0.05) (pvc),="" polyethylene="" (pe)="" and="" polypropylene="" (pp)="" materials="" mainly="" of="" the="" cross="" plastic="" pipe="" processing="" industry,="" these="" three="" types="" of="" materials="" accounted="" for="" more="" than="" 90%="" of="" the="" plastic="" pipe="" material.="" at="" present,="" china's="" large-scale="" cross-plastic="" pipe="" production="" enterprises="" have="" more="" than="" 3,000,="" the="" industry's="" annual="" production="" capacity="" of="" more="" than="" 25="" million="" tons.="" among="" them,="" the="" production="" capacity="" of="" more="" than="" 300="" tons="" of="" more="" than="" 300="" enterprises,="" more="" than="" 20="" enterprises="" with="" annual="" production="" capacity="" of="" more="" than="" 100,000="" tons.="" in="" recent="" years,="" industry="" cross-plastic="" pipe="" product="" quality="" problems="" gradually="" attracted="" attention,="" the="" backbone="" enterprises="" to="" strengthen="" the="" quality="" of="" management,="" through="" market="" competition="" and="" the="" relevant="" departments="" and="" associations="" of="" supervision="" and="" management,="" some="" product="" quality="" is="" poor,="" low="" management="" level="" enterprises="" have="" been="" out="" of="" the="" market,="" the="" overall="" strength="" of="" the="" industry="" continue="" to="" increase="" at="" the="" same="" time,="" manufacturers,="" users="" of="" product="" quality="" awareness="" continues="" to="" increase.="" "wang="" zhanjie="" said="" that="" although="" the="" overall="" quality="" level="" has="" improved,="" but="" the="" market="" circulation="" of="" product="" quality="" is="" still="" uneven,="" pipeline="" products="" and="" engineering="" quality="" problems.="" in="" the="" industry="" view,="" china's="" cross="" plastic="" pipe="" "high-speed="" development"="" is="" caused="" by="" the="" current="" cross="" plastic="" pipe="" product="" quality="" is="" not="" satisfactory="" important="" reason.="">

Ministry of Housing and Urban and Rural Development Science and Technology Development Center Director Gao Lixin said, according to the relevant agencies and experts predict that in the next 10 years, urbanization can increase the investment demand of 30 to 40 billion yuan. New urbanization construction will further promote the development of real estate, municipal infrastructure construction, for the development of cross plastic pipe to bring new opportunities.

Great business opportunities to accelerate the development of the industry, but also makes some inferior products into the market, coupled with the standard system is not perfect, making the quality of China's cross plastic pipe still need to continue efforts. "Some product standards and international standards have gaps, new products do not have the corresponding industry or national standards, some standards need to be revised, which is our focus this year." China Plastics Processing Industry Association Cross Plastic Pipe Professional Committee Chairman Zhang said. In recent years, with the rapid development of urbanization in China, "the western development", "West-East", "South-North Water Diversion", as well as the national road network, railway network construction, residential Construction and so on for the PE pipe opened up an unprecedented market; a variety of agricultural plastic water-saving irrigation equipment, increasing demand for these factors for the development of China's PE pipe provides a historical opportunity.

Since 2013, China's cross plastic pipe demand is still growing slightly, and the overall performance is better than in 2012. On the one hand by the government infrastructure projects to promote investment; the other is the industry to speed up the integration, some no resources, no innovation of small enterprises in the accelerated phase out, some of the products of good quality, large PE pipe manufacturers are The introduction of new technologies, innovation and development; In addition, since 2013, raw material PE prices continued low consolidation, PE pipe production control can still be profitable. In a special period, the country's plastic pipe enterprises to have a sense of social responsibility, can not only seek immediate benefits, to improve the overall level, we must reject fake and shoddy pipe.

In the drainage and water supply system, the pipe is an important part of it, so the pipe plays a decisive role.

In developed countries and regions abroad, PE pipe in the inter-city buried gas pipeline in the possession of more than 90% in the water supply pipe market share of 60%, and foreign PE pipe Has established a very mature standard construction specifications. In the domestic, galvanized pipe is gradually banned, PE pipe in the construction of water supply and other areas of a competitive advantage in the gas, industrial water supply and drainage, communications, agricultural irrigation and other areas of PE pipe also showed a rapid growth trend, but some areas of pipe Standards and norms have not kept up, to a certain extent, affected the application and development of PE pipe. PE pipe classification methods are many, according to different standards have different classification methods. According to the use of points, can be divided into construction and municipal water supply and drainage pipe outdoor gas pipe, agricultural irrigation pipe, threading pipe, sewage pipe and so on. PE pipe can be divided into ordinary PE pipe, aluminum-plastic composite pipe, steel-plastic composite pipe, steel-plastic composite pipe, reinforced pipe single / double wall corrugated pipe, spiral pipe, cable with silicon core tube, etc. The According to the density of raw materials, can be divided into high-density tube, low-density tube and medium density tube). There are other classification criteria, here is not one by one introduced.