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Processing method of plastic elbow products
Edit:Yuyao Longguo Extrusion Factory   UpDate:2017-04-14

Common processing methods for plastic products: <1> Extrusion. Plastic grades typically used for extrusion production typically have a melt index of less than 1 and a wide to wide MWD. In the course of processing, low MI can get the appropriate melt strength. The wider MWD grades are more suitable for extrusion because they have higher production rates, lower die pressures and reduced melt fracture trends.

2, blow molding. In the United States sales of HDPE1 / 3 or more for blow molding purposes. These ranges range from bottles loaded with bleach, oil, detergent, milk and distilled water to large refrigerators, car fuel tanks and cans. Blowing grade characteristics such as melt strength, ES-CR and toughness are similar to those used for sheet and thermoforming applications, so similar grades can be used.

3, injection molding. HDPE has countless applications ranging from reusable thin-walled beverage cups to 5-gsl cans, consuming 1/5 of domestic HDPE. Injection grade general melt index of 5 to 10, with a lower toughness of the flow of the product grade and with a higher mobility of the product grade. Applications include daily necessities and food thin-walled packaging; toughness, durable food and paint cans; high resistance to environmental stress cracking applications such as small engine fuel tanks and 90-gal garbage cans.

4, rotomolding. The material used in this process is generally pulverized into a powder material which is melted and flowed in a thermal cycle. Rotational use of two types of PE: general and cross-linkable. General grade MDPE / HDPE usually has a density range from 0.935 to 0.945 g / CC, with narrow MWD, the product has high impact and minimum warpage, the melt index range is generally 3-8. Higher grade grades are generally not applicable because they do not have the desired impact resistance and resistance to environmental stress cracking of rotomoulded articles.

5, film. PE film processing generally used ordinary blown film processing or flat squeeze processing method. Most PEs are available for thin films, general purpose low density PE (LDPE), or linear low density PE (LLDPE). HDPE film grades are generally used for places requiring superior stretchability and excellent impermeability. Yuyao Longguan Extrusion Factory specializes in the production of plastic elbow, extruded elbow, extruded plastic pipe and other products, the length of specifications can be customized according to customer requirements, reliable quality, please contact us.