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PP plastic elbow standards and features
Edit:Yuyao Longguo Extrusion Factory   UpDate:2017-03-21

PP plastic elbow Performance: Antistatic, flame retardant performance stable , PP plastic elbow antistatic agent and flame retardant evenly distributed in the polyethylene resin body, anti-static and flame retardant indicators will not be affected by the use of a long time. PP plastic pipe with light weight, transport, easy installation, low pipe density (1/8 of the steel pipe, glass pipe 1/2), no mechanical easy to carry, etc., greatly reduce the labor intensity, fast installation, can shorten the construction cycle.

Glass fiber reinforced polypropylene frpp pipe standard implementation HG20539-92. Selection of coupling agent treatment of glass fiber modified polypropylene material production, generally used for water, corrosive liquid delivery. PP pipe has the characteristics of high temperature, easy connection (hot welding, electric welding, pipe connection), recyclable and so on. It is mainly used in the field of farmland.

Water systems, building water supply systems, heating systems and chemical piping systems. (PP-H), block copolymerized polypropylene (PP-B), and random copolymerized polypropylene (PP-R) according to different PP polymerization conditions. The Since the brittleness of PP-H tubing at low temperatures limits its use, it is gradually replaced by PP-B tubing and PP-R tubing in some applications. One PP-B tube is mainly used for cold water system, ground heating system, PP-R pipe application is more extensive. PP-B, PP-R pipe in addition to the characteristics of the general plastic pipe, but also has the following characteristics: good health performance, heat, heat and energy saving, easy installation, reliable connection, raw materials can be recycled Use, equipment requirements are simple, easy to control the production process, pipe layout arbitrary.

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