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Disadvantages and treatment in extrusion process
Edit:Yuyao Longguo Extrusion Factory   UpDate:2017-04-15

Plastic mold is a common quality defects in the process of plastic extrusion, the attention of the performance: the temperature display high; nose mold a large number of smoke, a strong stimulating taste, serious burst sound; The main reason for the injection is:

1) The temperature control is too high to reach the plastic thermal degradation temperature;

2) The screw Long-term uncleaned, accumulated burnt material with the molten plastic extrusion;

3) heating or downtime for too long, so that the plastic tube long-term heat and decomposition;

) Temperature control instrument out of control or misalignment, resulting in high temperature decomposition;

5) extruder cooling system is not open, resulting in material shear friction overheating. In the extrusion process should be strengthened to check the heating, cooling system work is normal; extrusion temperature should be set according to process requirements and screw speed; reasonable control plus temperature time, regular Extrusion of the extrusion system.

2, the plasticized composition undesirable extrudate

in front of the mentioned temperature control requirements have mentioned problems plasticized, generally poor plasticizing mainly as follows: extruded layer The main reason for this is:

1) The temperature control is too low, the temperature is too low, the temperature is too low, the temperature is too low, Especially the nose parts;

2) Insulation or sheathing material mixed with different nature of other plastic particles;

3) screw molding too fast, plastic can not be completely plastic 4) plastic itself, there are quality problems.

For the above reasons, should pay attention to the rationality of extrusion temperature control; the quality of the materials should be recognized with the quality of goods; can not blindly pursue the production and increase the extrusion rate; strengthen the preservation of raw materials, Drying process; reasonable with the mold to enhance the extrusion pressure and screw reflux. (1) the temperature control is too high (especially the feed section);

1, the temperature is too high (especially the feed section);

2) plastic moisture moisture;

3) long time parking, decomposition of plastic is not ruled out;

4) high natural humidity;

5) The water core or gas content in the cable core is too high.

For the above reasons, should be reasonable control of the temperature of the screw section; the material used in advance pre-drying; strict process requirements, improve the degree of plastic plasticity evaluation; attention to the production environment and material storage storage conditions Wait. In the actual production, in addition to the above defects and the reasons, there are problems such as cable, vertical package overlapping width of the problem, the shape of bamboo and so on. We in the extrusion processing and more to observe and summarize, to seize the main and the essence of the problem, will be solved, the cable to do a better level of quality.

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