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Application and Prospect of Extruded Products
Edit:Yuyao Longguo Extrusion Factory   UpDate:2017-04-14
The application of extruded processed products has been deep into every corner of society, from industrial production to basic necessities, extrusion Processing products are everywhere. People began to find that the rapid development of extrusion processing industry, but also brought waste plastics and waste waste plastics caused by a series of social problems. People began to find that plastic waste has quietly come to us, seriously affecting our health and living environment, such as some agricultural land due to the impact of waste film began to cut, waste plastic caused by "white pollution" began to make people headache , Do not rot the decomposition of the lunch box can not be effectively recovered, life with plastic waste can not start processing. The dramatic increase in plastic waste and the resulting social and environmental problems in front of people, placed in the world where people live and live.

Extrusion processing for mechanical development.

Extrusion processing of the huge market for the development of plastic machinery industry has played a role in promoting. Plastic machinery industry is widely used in a wide range of packaging, agriculture, construction, automotive and other fields. With the continuous development of the domestic petrochemical industry, China's plastics machinery industry gradually formed an independent industrial sector, and begun to take shape. China's plastics machinery industry is developing very fast, basically achieved a leap-forward development, industry scale is also constantly expanding.

China's plastics machinery industry development potential is huge, stamina full, especially those with high technological content, good performance, the price is relatively modest model. Especially for large, precision, special injection molding machine, low temperature, high power single screw extruder, for the production of high permeability and heat resistance of packaging materials such as multi-layer co-extruded blow molding machine, the production of industrial parts ( Auto parts, etc.) blow molding machinery, have a very good development prospects.

Now the market demand for extruded products and consumption has undergone great changes, but the plastic machinery is still the major manufacturers and the vast majority of consumers are currently most concerned about. At present, China's plastics machinery industry independent innovation capacity is relatively weak, high-grade and personalized varieties of special varieties of small, industry concentration is still relatively low. But the extrusion processing industry has a good development prospects, which for China's high-speed development of plastic machinery manufacturing industry has played a great role in promoting the development potential of China's plastics machinery industry potential.