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ABS extrusion elbow Advantages and characteristics
Edit:Yuyao Longguo Extrusion Factory   UpDate:2017-04-14

ABS extrusion elbow Features: Small flow frictional force, greatly reducing the fluid resistance and pump horsepower, good impact resistance, good mechanical strength and high impact toughness, in the event of a sudden attack only occurs toughness deformation The ABS extrusion pipe weight of steel 1/7, reducing the weight of the structure; fluid resistance is small; chemical stability, good sealing performance, reduce the labor intensity, and greatly saves the investment. 1, ABS extrusion elbow working pressure is high, at room temperature 2OC case pressure is 1.OMpa.

1, ABS extrusion elbow of the working pressure,

2, ABS extrusion elbow of good impact resistance, in the event of a sudden attack only produce toughness deformation. 3, ABS extrusion elbow of chemical stability, non-toxic, tasteless, fully in line with pharmaceutical, food and other industries health and safety requirements.

4, ABS extrusion elbow of the fluid resistance is small, the smooth wall, the corner was round shape, and thus the flow of friction is small, greatly reducing the system fluid resistance and pump horsepower.

5, ABS extrusion elbow temperature range, the use of the temperature range of -2O ℃ ~ +70 ℃. 6, ABS extrusion elbow long life, the product is generally available in the room for 50 years, such as buried in the ground or water life will be longer, and no significant corrosion. 7, ABS extrusion elbow installation is simple and good sealing, the product installation using plug-in connection solvent bonding seal, construction is simple, fast curing speed, high bonding strength, to avoid the general pipeline The existence of the run, run, drop, drain the phenomenon. 8, ABS extrusion elbow light weight, save investment, ABS weight is steel 1/7, thus reducing the weight of the structure, reducing the labor intensity of workers, and reduce the consumption of raw materials, Can greatly save the project investment.