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Magical telescopic pipe
Magical telescopic pipe

Yuyao Longguan Extrusion Factory Main production PP plastic elbow, ABS plastic elbow, PVC hose, the opposite sex, PE pipe, plastic wire and a variety of heterosexual and so on.

The advantages of the magic telescopic pipe:

1, the water pipe has a 3 times the automatic expansion of the magic function: after the water can automatically extend 3 times, after the water automatically retracts the original length.
2, widely used (for car cleaning, indoor and outdoor doors and windows, flooring and other clean, garden gardening spray, home cleaning and other uses).
3, small size easy to accept, a small box can be.
4, rotating water flower adjustment design, with 7 kinds of pattern water way.
5, within the supercharger, far range.
6, easy to install, easy to dismantle, save time and effort, three seconds fast installation.
7, with the water bubble brush, easy to clean, protect the cleaning surface from harm, efficient synchronization to save time.
8, good quality, long life, high elastic inner tube, high-density cloth sets, do not knot, not hard, folding small size. Super wear and tear.
9, spray gun user-friendly design, attention to detail, the water head at the triangle metal ring can effectively support the switch, in order to achieve automatic long-term water, more effort.

Yuyao Longguan Extrusion Factory is a professional extruder processing plant, the main production PP plastic elbow, ABS plastic elbow , PVC hose, heterosexual tube, PE pipe, plastic wire and a variety of heterosexual and so on.